Eveo Mobile Healthcare Platform

Fire, Inc. used Ruby on Rails to build Eveo a mobile client platform. The backend supports multiple clients, including the iPhone/iPad and Android. It also provides an interactive management interface for Eveo's various client deployments, built in AJAX/JQuery. Complete with a rich, visual reporting interface, messaging between health care professional and pharmaceutical marketing professionals (via Apple Push Notifications), and integration with 3rd party services, such as Reuters News and secure HCP validation services.


Chanel No 5 Microsite

Fire, Inc. helped create an ActionScript communication framework which R/GA's awesome creative team used to build rich, interactive content using various versions of ActionScript. The result being, motion designers are able to stick to what they do best, be it in AS2 or AS3, and still deliver a quality product for an internationally renowned and admired brand.


Intuit TaxCaster

TaxCaster, a flash application built by by Fire, Inc. along with Intuit’s TurboTax division and designed by Tangible UX, was a hugely successful Flex application. Hosted on Intuit's TurboTax homepage, the application led to several million dollars of direct revenue for Intuit, with literally no advertising, and has since been recast into an iPhone application as TaxCaster Mobile.


Avaya Presentation Components

Working with R/GA's dynamic team, we helped build the Flash Platform based presentation components found throughout the Avaya's corporate site. The components include a rotating marquee, an online/offline Demo Player, and an interactive Video Player with a unique, rich feature set.


Vuvox Studio

VUVOX is an easy to use production and instant sharing service that allows you to mix, create and blend your personal media - video, photos and music into rich personal expressions. The Founder of Fire, Inc. was the Lead Software Engineer on this project, which was acquired by eBay in 2008.

welcome to fire, inc.

Fire, Inc. is a small software consulting company specializing in rich internet applications, social media, and emerging web technologies.


Why should you choose Fire, Inc?

Because, we really know what we're doing. We are the talent behind the scenes; the talent that actually gets the work done. We don't waste our time, or your money on exorbitant overhead costs - and we invite only the best, most experienced, and most capable people to collaborate with our development efforts.


  • Caleb singlehandedly brought sophisticated Flash to the Yahoo Media Group , working miracles with projects, training and evangelizing other engineers. He is one of the most infectiously enthusiastic and mad talented people I know, and a damn authentic cat to boot.

    Ben Margolin, Manager Yahoo! Media

  • I was blown away during my first opportunity to work with Caleb on an application for Genentech. It was as if I was learning through osmosis while reading Caleb's code. The mysteries of PureMVC became clear & understandable with Caleb's implementation.

    Sean Bollin, Web Developer, Eveo, Inc.

  • Caleb was one of the most knowledgeable and sincere teachers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He was able to introduce me to AS3, which I previously found difficult to tackle. Caleb is an excellent teacher.

    Justin Kempton, Student, Academy of Art University

  • Caleb demonstrates a mastery of his profession and always had a strong solution to any development challenges. He's one of the guys that gets things done, one of those creative minds that loves the challenge of figuring things out.

    Matt Gaiser, Senior Designer, Metaliq

  • Caleb is a very talented software developer with an eye for design. That is a very rare and lethal combination.

    Everything Caleb has produced for us has been stellar.

    Ben Curren, Co-Founder, Outright.com

About our Founder

Fire, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Caleb Adam Haye. Caleb has been developing interactive web solutions for enterprise clients since 1997, and is a respected professional within the Rich Internet Application community. He is always looking to meet new colleagues and interesting people.

Connect with Caleb: email | @calebhaye on Twitter | LinkedIn